Our Philosophy

At JSLR photo and video, we seek to capture moments so you don’t have to. Our artistic style frames those candid and emotional moments in ways that you can hold onto forever. We’re with you through the entire day from the first minute until the end. We don’t charge hourly because life happens and we don’t want miss anything!

Photography and Cinematography is an art form that we take pride in. Our style incorporates deep contrast and vivid colors. We strive to incorporate our touch into every photo and every scene. 

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We want to know who you are! There’s nothing more awkward than trying to act naturally in front of complete strangers. Let’s grab a coffee or drink and chat! If the vibe isn’t yours … no worries! You loose nothing!


Capture every moment, a picture is worth a thousand stories


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Live Streaming

In this day and age, live streaming is a must. Hire us so that everyone can join in your special moment




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